Sunday, November 27, 2011

OurFunnyPlanet - entertaining and humor blog is available now by Eva Avram presents different interesting and humor articles and pictures from every corner of the planet Earth to give every visitor good mood every day. started publishing the articles with diverse pictures and interesting information about nature, animals, people and places from all over the world. is a web site that contains all sort of amusing facts, inspirational quotes, stunning pictures, entertainment articles arranged in ? wide variety of categories. The “Places of the World” category provides every visitor with photos and information about animals, plants, scenery, space images, conservation, travel and people from certain countries or regions.
In the “Quotations” category you will find lots of articles with proverbs, sayings, quips, phrases, and quotations of famous people or those ones taken from the literature creations. They fit the various occasions and, moreover, they are illustrated with photos and gathered by seasons, social aspects, philosophical terms and many other subjects. Some people adore quotations to sheer emotion they convey; others read quotations because they like the thoughts of a particular person.
The “Photography” category presents photos and pictures of funny and marvelous animals, home pets, exotic flowers, extraordinary trees, unusual fruits and vegetables that will make you smile and laugh.
There are lots of articles, galleries, news and reviews on the stars and celebrities, latest gossips, TV show reviews, upcoming movie releases, opening nights in theaters, as well as movies on DVD, music and books. All this and more you can find in the “Entertainment” category.
Find out about historical roots, origins, customs and traditions of most well-known and unknown holidays celebrated in different countries in the world in “Holidays and Celebrations” category. All articles illustrated with pictures and traditional songs.
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